Onboarding Process
  • • Listening to what is important to you, your family and legacy
  • • Learning the values that shape your decisions and priorities
  • • Identifying unique challenges and circumstances
  • • Introducing our Philosophy, Plan and Process
  • • Determine risk tolerance
  • • Gather data, documents, and statements for analysis
  • • Analyze current investments and potential complications
  • • Discover where and how we can add value as your life unfolds
  • • Welcome kit
  • • Presentation of wealth management process
  • • Discuss current and future investment approach
  • • Disclosure of account fees, structure, and access
  • • Signatures and sign-ons
  • • Transfer existing assets
  • • Alignment of investment solutions, service levels, type, and frequency of communication
  • • Responsibilities assigned
  • • Personalized Financial Organizer
  • • Online account & App Tutorial
  • • First statements and organization of paperwork
  • • Review of communication agreement and service levels
  • • Meet team members and “who to contact”
  • • Coordinate with CPA, attorney, and insurance agent
  • • Retirement projections and probability
  • • Liquidity needs, credit, and lending
  • • Business and Family Succession planning
  • • Educational and Trust accounts
  • • Insurance and liability management
  • • Charitable giving mission
  • • Estate planning and family dynamics
  • • Agendas sent prior meeting
  • • Monitoring progress toward goals
  • • Discussion of future transitions
  • • Adjusting wealth plan as your life unfolds
  • • Updated plan documentation with meeting notes
  • • Value added service
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Lifestyle Legacy
Investment Discipline
We believe that patience and experience are most important to the long-term success of our portfolios. Our job is managing the risk of not reaching our client- families’ goals first and foremost. By focusing on planning, risks/amount of risk that we are willing to participate in, we try to control the outcomes of both, clients’ accumulation and distribution phase of life.
Our Investment Discipline follows these seven rules:
  • • Long-term investment philosophy
  • • Build durable portfolios with prudent asset allocation with sufficient diversification
  • • Maintain the portfolio through market conditions with tactical adjustments respecting the cyclical nature of the markets
  • • Stay true to fundamentals to minimize mistakes in order to improve chances of success
  • • Make new investments by the set plan regardless of current market activity
  • • Control the costs
  • • Disregard the ego and always invest with client-family’s goals in mind
Stability Growth Income
FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals
FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals